"Putting the science of behavior to work"

psychological services

We bring our foundation in Industrial-Organizational Psychology to our clients to provide a broad range of psychological services. 


  • Achieve development objectives

  • Improved performance

  • Mental toughness

  • Participant engagement

  • Culture of learning and development

  • Assessment, 360

  • Individual Development Planning

  • Sport psychology

  • 1x1 and small-group coaching

  • Short-term through on-going

  • Improved retention of key talent

  • Decreased vacancy of key roles

  • Shared approach to talent identification and development

  • Efficient succession process

  • Succession strategy

  • Assessment of incumbents and succession candidates

  • Succession process design and delivery

  • Succession metrics and program evaluation

  • Performance improvement

  • Participant engagement

  • Skills and capabilities matched to organizational need


  • Leadership and management skills program design and delivery

  • Program evaluation

  • Individual development planning

  • Coaching

  • Foundation for performance management

  • Improved new-hire quality

  • Decreased time to productivity

  • Reduced turnover and legal risk



succession management

Leadership capability and bench strength are critical to the long term success of an organization. We help our clients identify critical roles, assess incumbents and succession pipeline talent, model likely future succession needs, and develop or hire the talent to meet those needs. Whether you’re looking for us to run the entire succession planning process, to facilitate key succession events, or as a thought partner in developing your own processes, SPI has deep expertise in this area.

  • Job analysis

  • Pre-hire interviewing and testing

  • Test selection and validation

  • Selection process design

  • Rapid on-boarding

Talent acquisition

Selection is a science. We bring our decades of training, experience, and technology... and then we listen. We seek to understand what success looks like to your organization. Our goal is to have the right people in the right jobs at the right time.


Our coaches have an average of 15 years of experience in a variety of industries, company sizes, cultures, functions, and levels of responsibility.  We take a practical approach to identifying and addressing development needs, and we are able to adapt our approach to specific client needs and objectives. 

Training and development

You've hired the best, and smoothed their entry into the organization - keep them Sharp and engaged. We work with you to define your leadership strategy, and build the processes, tools, and framework necessary to drive leadership development, succession planning, and performance management. we offers a range of leadership services including:

Talent Services



  • Psychological assessment of applicants for public safety positions

  • Clinical counseling

  • Personal development

  • Job fitness assessment

  • Stress management

  • Post-trauma counseling

  • Career counseling