"Putting the science of behavior to work"



  • Achievement of development objectives

  • Participant engagement

  • Culture of learning and development

  • Assessment, 360

  • Individual Development Planning

  • Rapid intervention

  • 1x1 and small-group coaching

  • Short-term through on-going

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Quality improvement

  • Decreased resource requirements

  • Employee engagement

  • Efficiency studies

  • Process reengineering

  • Stand up a Quality function
  • Performance improvement

  • Participant engagement

  • Skills and capabilities matched to organizational need


  • Leadership and management skills program design and delivery

  • Program evaluation

  • Individual development planning

  • Coaching

  • Foundation for performance management

  • Improved new-hire quality

  • Decreased time to productivity

  • Reduced turnover and legal risk



Execution excellence

We have deep roots in process improvement (PDCA, LEAN, 6-Sigma, etc.) and have applied the principles and tools to sales, HR, operations, finance, marketing, facilities, engineering, and beyond.  Let our team work with you to remove the barriers to execution. 

  • Organizational assessment

  • Facilitate restructuring process


Organizations are designed to get exactly the kind of results they are currently getting. Winning organizations have a structure that is in alignment the people, processes, strategy and values.  

We help guide organizations through a highly productive and engaging redesign process.

Leading change

Whether you are looking to merge two cultures (old vs. new guard, recent acquisition, break down silo’s, etc.), we can help accelerate real culture change, and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with significant changes. As changes occur in missions and tasks, companies are frequently called on to change the way in which human resources relate to each other. The difficulty intrinsic in making these changes becomes more evident as companies become larger. Yet, the very success of a company may depend on its ability to steer a new course, and turning on a dime.  

strategy setting

You've hired the best, and smoothed their entry into the organization - keep them Sharp and engaged. We work with you to define your leadership strategy, and build the processes, tools, and framework necessary to drive leadership development, succession planning, and performance management. we offers a range of leadership services including:

Organizational Effectiveness