"Putting the science of behavior to work"


  • Less time on analysis, more time on follow-up

  • Cut through mountains of existing data to identify the most important information for the organization. 


  • Statistical analysis

  • Data integration

  • Developing data strategy

  • An accurate measure of perception

  • Informed individual development planning

  • Performance improvement

  • Participant engagement

  • Data-supported feedback


  • 360 desgin

  • 360 hosting (on-line)

  • In-person 360 feedback gathering

  • 360 communications

  • 360 follow-up including coaching, individual planning, etc.

  • Participant engagement (not just participation)

  • Participant involvement in follow-up

  • Reinforcement of company values

  • Great ideas!

  • Actionable feedback


  • Survey design

  • Survey hosting

  • Survey communications

  • Focus-group facilitation

  • Survey data analysis and reporting


Survey success is a blend of intelligent question design, flawless delivery, engaging and candid communications, data analysis designed to lead to actionable feedback, and timely follow-up. We work with our clients to get more value out of a survey then they ever expected, while making efficient use of time and resources. 

turning data into insight and insight into action

Whether through our survey, 360 or other measurement solutions, or utilizing existing data, we work with our clients to transform their data into actionable insight.   


Porperly designed, communicated, and follow-up 360's can offer unparalleled insights and motivation to improve.  We work with our clients to define their objectives for the 360 process and develop efficient and effective tools and process to achieve those objectives.