SPI is a global team of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Clinical

Psychology, and Organizational Development experts. 

Our mission is help people, teams and organizations be successful.


Dr. Stuart Shaffer (PSY 5613) founded SPI in 1978 to meet the growing

demand from law enforcement agencies to replicate the applicant screening

system he first designed and implemented for the Los Angeles Police


Dr. Shaffer's approach to law enforcement applicant screening has been cited as a model for fair and valid officer selection by the United States Commission on Civil Rights in the 1981 publication, Who's Guarding the Guardians?A Report on Police Practices.  

The methodology was further validated by the Christopher Commission in 1993, when it published its list of LAPD officers whose behavior received the most frequent complaints of abuse and misconduct. Those officers who were selected between 1978 through 1982, when Dr. Shaffer was in charge of the process, were significantly less likely to elicit complaints than those officers who were hired before and after this period (Los Angeles Times, 1992).

Dr. Stuart Shaffer is a nationally recognized expert in the design and implementation of peace officer applicant assessment programs.

Growing Team

Dr. Aaron Shaffer joined the SPI team after a successful career as a senior

executive in talent management and organizational development roles at

Motorola, ITT Industries and Network Appliance.  He brings over 20 years of

multi-industry, international experience. 

The SPI team now includes over 45 professionals. We work across the globe, 

and have clients that include start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, private and public sector, for-profit and not-for-profit. 

Sample client list >

  • Top-notch people - we only work with the best.

  • Teamwork - we like working together and do so effectively.  We work well with our clients, as well as other consultants and vendors.

  • Adaptable - we adapt to client needs and objectives.   

  • Integrated approach - our tools, techniques, products and services are all design to work together.

Our Competitive Advantages

Best Fit Practice

What works for others may not be the best solution for you.  Although we know and often define industry best practice, we look at each individual, team and organization to determine what works best for them.

Organizations are Systems

We look at each of our products and services as part of a broader whole.  They are designed to connect with each other and support the other components of your human value chain.  


The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.  We help organizations focus on the few critical variables that performance. Our approach is to work toward simple, practical, and truly effective solutions.

Motivation - Distraction = Performance 

Minimizing distractions (waste, variance, inefficiency) helps align minds and actions, and focus vital resources.

Founding Principles

Competitive Advantage

There's no point in striving for adequacy!  We're in the business of forming competitive advantage through people processes, 

systems, structure and your strategy. 

Who We Are

"Putting the science of behavior to work"