• Top-notch people - we only work with the best.

  • Teamwork - we like working together and do so effectively.  We work well with our clients, as well as other consultants and vendors.

  • Adaptable - we adapt to client needs and objectives.   

  • Integrated approach - our tools, techniques, products and services are all design to work together.

Founding Principles

Competitive Advantage

There's no point in striving for adequacy!  We are in the business of forming competitive advantage  through people, processes, systems, structure, strategy and teamwork. 

organizational effectiveness

Great leaders and effective teams, working together.

  • strategy setting, planning
  • execution excellence
  • Process improvement
  • restructuring
  • leading change
  • More

Our Services


Our Competitive Advantages

  • Leadership and management skills training
  • Succession management
  • Coaching
  • Public Safety Applicant assessment
  • Job analysis
  • Applicant Selection
  • Rapid on-boarding
  • More

"Putting the science of behavior to work"


The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.  We help organizations keep focus on the few critical variables that performance. Our approach is to work toward simple, practical, and truly effective solutions.

Motivation - Distraction = Performance 

Minimizing distractions (waste, variance, inefficiency) helps align minds and actions, and focus vital resources.

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Metrics, tools and data to help you better understand, manage, and lead your business. 

  • team building
  • high performing teams
  • More

Great Talent

The right people in the right roles at the right time. 

Best Fit Practice

What works for others may not be the best solution for you.  Although we know and often define industry best practice, we look at each individual, team and organization to determine what works best for them.

Organizations are Systems

We look at each of our products and services as part of a broader whole.  They are designed to connect with each other and support the other components of your human value chain.  

  • Psychological evaluation
  • Survey and 360 design, administration, interpretation
  • More

effective teamwork

Great teamwork built on shared goals, clear roles, and a foundation of trust.